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04, Apr 2021 One of the types of welding is gas welding

The metals are welded by the heat generated by the torch
Special for ox-acetylene, where the torch mixes the oxygen with acetylene in a certain proportion and ignites them, and the resulting flame is used in metal welding processes.

• In oxy-acetylene welding processes, oxygen is in one cylinder and acetylene is in another cylinder, and due to the presence of these two gases under high pressures, pressure regulators are used on each cylinder, and oxygen and acetylene are connected from the cylinders to the burner by hoses so that the color of the oxygen hose is (green) and colored Acetylene hose (red) The two gases are then mixed and ignited by the burner as well by the front of the burner
(Torch Tip).

• The operating pressure of acetylene gas does not exceed 15 pounds per square inch under any circumstances, as the acetylene gas is unstable at pressures higher than 15 pounds per square inch, and decomposition may occur that leads to a large explosion.

• To avoid the occurrence of this decomposition and thus the occurrence of explosions, acetylene is stored in a liquid state in special cylinders containing a calcium silicate filler as well as a solvent such as acetone which has the properties of absorbing 400 times its volume of acetylene at a temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

• The oxygen cylinders are stored at a distance of not less than 20 feet from the cylinders of flammable gases, with the use of a barrier of not less than 5 feet and withstand the fire for a period of not less than half an hour.