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11, Nov 2021 CO2 semi-automatic welding pots

The semi-automatic welding machine is an improvement over the standard welding equipment. Due to the special design of the unit, the work process is greatly accelerated. Semi-automatic devices are widely used not only in factories, but also in small workshops.

Semi-automatic welding machines are popular not only among professionals, but also among home craftsmen, because they have many advantages compared to traditional welding machines.The main advantages of semi-automatic include the following:

  •     the ability to cook aluminum, cast iron, structural steel and other metals.
  •     The device can be used to cook both thin (at least 0.5 mm) and thick steel sheets.
  •     Not required in order to narrow the edges to shine.
  •     The device is easily configured for different modes of operation.
  •     high speed
  •     reasonable price
  •     low toxicity of smoke, compared to the work of conventional electrodes.
  •     Wide gaps can be filled with metal.
  •     When working clearly visible welding bathwhich is not filled with slag blocks.
  •     The seams are distinguished by their tightness, which is important for the conduction of gases and liquids.
  •     When using the MIG/MAG method, a small amount of spatter is generated.
  •     Thread requires secondary processing
  •     Easy to learn all options and settings for beginners.